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The Amazing  Dog the Doberman

After years 

for the love of the Doberman 

My Goal was to raise the Best of the Best quality Doberman that people did not have pay a huge amount to experience the devotion the love and the elegance of the Doberman !!!

For far to many years of being a Flight Attendant then sitting in an office my love was that of dogs and found my passion was this Breed the Dobie  ~~~.They say if you look forward everyday of doing something you are very Blessed  . We live on a Hobby Ranch that my dogs run they are part of the family and at times even allow me to share a chair or couch with them LOL .Have been in the show ring with my dogs however my very favorite time are the times I can sit and watch how graceful elegant and gorgeous they are .

They will own you and the intelligence will amaze you they will capture your heart ..Dobermans are miracles with paws .

Dobermans are wonderful with children as well as other dogs they should be socialized early . My Dogs I have taken through obedience training and I do recommend training they are of course a working breed  and seem to thrive on having the attention and time well spent in classes (A little food for thought) the Doberman is the only breed that is allowed in AKC Canine Good Citizen classes at starting at the early age of 6 months they are very intelligent ..  Always enjoy  talking  with my families that adopt my puppies with questions or  just hearing the love and care they receive how some have become therapy dogs or just plain spoiled (the best of the breed) are ones under the dining table and enjoying the good life .

Always remember you can never have just one !!! Dobermans are loyal to the family devoted plus and just awesome ...This is one breed that is perfection at its  Best  .Dogs  are not our whole life but they make life Whole~~~~~~~~~~~~~~