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Puppy sales contract  

Breed ----------------------Color --------------------

Sex ------------DOB --------------

Purchaser Price ---------------

Purchaser Agrees to The Following Conditions :

The Dobermans is a purebred Doberman Pinscher 

The litter is registered with the American Kennel Club and an individual registration form will be furnished to the buyer after the breeder has received payment in full ,To the best of my knowledge ,this doberman is in excellent health .They have received appropriate medical inoculations and care .

No one can guarantee Genetics ,but the breeder guarantees that if your dobermans should die before (AGE 1 )from a genetically caused problem buyer must notify the seller immediately .A written statement as to the genetic caused problem ,A written statement from a licensed  pathologist veterinarian must be provided .to determine that genetics was the factor in the puppy's death .If genetics is the factor then ,Seller /Breeder will refund Deposit the price of the puppy .Buyer is responsible for all veterinarian and autopsy bills .

The buyer agrees to have the dog examined by your  veterinarian at their expence within 3 days from the date of purchase If the veterinarian does not give a clean bill of health ,buyer must notify the seller at our cost .ANY condition that is minor ,correectable or a breed related condition is no covered and no condition which will go away ,or is considered to be a condition which the puppy will be likely grow out of is not covered .

Seller /breeder does not guarantee against parvo ,corona virus  or an type of intestinal viruses or bacterial including Coccidiosis, giardia after  the puppy leaves breeders possession .Breeder has provided all health testing on all breeding dogs DCM VWD ETC .Further this dobermans has been bred to the breed standard and for a healthy sound loving temperament ,which should also be a naturally protective of his family and home .The breeder strongly recommends that buyer   enter and complete at least two basic training and socialization .

These signatures constitute full agreement of both parties and are legal and binding .


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