We are very proud to have many of our dogs now as therapy dogs  and some in the police force serving as well as outstanding family protectors

This young lady comes from East Texas Dobermans and her mother was shipped as they say( over the pond  )from Serbia this girl not only comes to us with outstanding color and conformation she has some of the most outstanding European champions in her pedigree   thank you for this (gorgeous girl)

 My Fair Lady Piper 

Bonneterres Sire Gunner forged in fire ~~~~~

Sir Ashton  

Have one female   puppy 8 weeks old ready for her new home !!!!02/08/2022

Piper's grandfather she has ""32 champions in her pedigree

Bonne Terre Dobermans 

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       Of Austin Texas 

Tak​es  tim​e love and prid​e to make a wonderful doberman they don't just happen. ​​