Finger Food WOW!!


Relax Dont worry be happy !!!

​Taboo black Magic Lady of Night ~~~ 

But  we can run with lighting speed !!.

 Handsome Sir Redmann

Travis VonBaden 

​My Lady Asja 

Redmanns bad hair day !!!​But Mom my sisters  did it you can fix it (George Washington )Who~~~~




Lord Tiberon 

with his friends 

With the Savage Family in South Padre Island Texas 

Sir Sazerac

OWNED BY Jonathon and Abbie Sprague in Houston Texas 


Type you

owned  by Judith Scrivner

 Dallas Tx

Hey Mon Bob and Ziggy Marley @ Halloween How could you !!!!   we are not happy about this AT ALL !!!!~~~~We dont like dread rocks ~~~


Some past puppies and fun times will add more pages sorry I missed some.We would like to thank all of you for your contacts and pictures 

 Lady piper and Diamond Duvall's outstanding puppy 

Well he took my toy !!!

Just love him and will always watch over him


Lord Dozer owned by officer Lopez in San Antonio Tx

~~~~Another show Austin 2014 another win ​~~~~~~

Fair Lady Piper 

​​​Blue Velvet of Bonne Terre 


Dev on special assignment you said this was a  vacation this is not what I had in mind !!

 Mother  and Daughter   Diva and Devlin 

We miss you to a fantastic breeder your greatness lives on ~~~

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Finger Food !!! .

Sire to Lady Blue Velvet ~~~